Its a universal truth that we all know that together is better. Be it tug of war, rowing a boat or developing property. When we all come together on a common goal the result is more assured and ultimately far more enjoyable too.

The example in Malahide, North Dublin of a group of neighbours who came together demonstrates this really well. Architect Darragh Lynch for the project says ‘there was more to be gained by collaborating together rather than working individually”, Irish Times Article. A successful grant of planning permission for 6 mews houses in this instance, demonstrates perfectly what happens when we come together to develop a site.

The very nature of building is that it requires many hands and minds to make it happen. It is a common thread in all cultures throughout history, that the buildings were built together by communities/groups. Thankfully progress has allowed us to move on a lot. With technology our communities are more dispersed but in many ways less connected.

At UpSPACE we are aware of the reality that together we can build a better world. Our mission is to bring together investors, owners, architects, builders, agents, solicitors and end users to develop property together. We use technology to connect our community to create in a different way. We assess, fund, plan and deliver your properties potential.

When groups of people come together, its truly remarkable what can be achieved, be it a new community of mews houses or much more. Get in touch with UpSPACE today if you have a property or site with potential and we will help your community become a reality.

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