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How to Choose a Builder

Deciding to build a new home or doing significant renovation work in your old home is an exciting process. However, it is not easy to know where to start when choosing the right builder for your development project.

Choosing the right builder for your development project is a highly crucial step. The builder you choose will be responsible for your home or property and all that it has to offer. You might have heard some horror stories about problems with builders from your friends or other people, such as budget spiraling out of control, unprofessional behavior, and even leaving the site half-finished.

However, the vast majority of builders are pretty professional and capable of doing the best work. With many builders to choose from, how can you know the most reliable and professional of them all?


6 tips for choosing the right builder

Everyone must be cautious and do a thorough market study to find, for their development project, the right builder who can provide the best quality in terms of work, materials used, architecture, and overall service.

Selecting the right builder will be the most impactful decision you will have to make along the road to your building project. After all, your life savings are going into the development project, so  you must choose a builder who is the best amongst all other competitors and offers what suits your needs and desires.

To make choosing the right builder  less  taxing for you, here are some of the tips to narrow down the choice until you are left with only your ideal building partner:


Do your research

It is absolutely logical that you want to start the construction work as soon as possible by approaching a builder. However, you should not be too hasty as choosing the wrong builder can spell a great disaster.

First, you should know that in Ireland, anyone can be a builder. There are no such licenses or certifications required by law here. Because of their low barrier to entry, hundreds of builders in Ireland have neither work experience nor knowledge.

Referrals and word of mouth are great tools in the property development industry. So, it is better to start your search by talking to your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors that you can trust for any professional builder referrals.

They can help you get in touch with a professional builder who has already done many building projects. However, in the worst-case scenario, these conversations with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues can also help uncover many unprofessional builders. In addition, it will help you in creating a list of builders TO AVOID COMPLETELY. 

Conversations with your trusted circle can help you find the right builder for your building project. You can also go online to do background searches of builders or companies offering building services.


Consider the scope of your project

You cannot ask a brain surgeon to operate on a patient with a kidney problem. Similarly, you cannot ask a one-man-band builder to work on a huge commercial project. There are many categories of builders, and each of them will have their particular specialism in construction.

Choose a builder according to the scope and requirements of your project. For example, if you want to do some renovation work in your home, a one-man-band builder will do the job perfectly. However, if what you are building is a commercial project, you should always choose a builder who has already worked on huge commercial projects and has a team of experts that work around the clock and produce high-quality work at great speed.

Asking a builder to do something they are unfamiliar with will result in huge disappointment and wastage of all your resources.


Always go for an experienced builder

The experience of the builder matters a lot as it indicates their efficiency. For example, suppose a particular builder has been in the building industry for a couple of years and has consistently performed throughout his presence. In that case, one can be assured that they are the right person for your building project.

A builder with vast knowledge and experience can help you build a good quality home or any other type of property.


Testimonials of previous clients

The happier and more fully satisfied the clients are, the higher the reliability rate of the builder. So, talking to the previous clients will help you know more about a builder’s quality of work and their adherence to time schedules.

It is the age of online research, and it will not be difficult to find the reviews of previous clients. You can also ask the builder for references and pictures of the previous work.


Prioritize busy builders for your project

Do you want something done? It is always better to give it to a busy person. A clear sign of a builder or a company not doing great work is not having a lot of work to do. Builders with no work to do will be available to start your project within a few days.

The best builders will always have their order books full and have 3 or 4 projects running simultaneously. So, they are capable of working great under pressure and stress.


Compare prices

It is better to get a quote from each of your preferred builders and sift through their prices. Look out for all inclusions and exclusions well before finalizing the deal, as it will help you a lot to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

After that,  find out what prices are fixed and how much additional costs can add up during the construction process? However, don’t always go for a cheaper option. If one quote is lower than the other, examine carefully whether an error has been made or any key request is omitted.


When to choose a builder for your project

The perfect time to choose your builder is either before you begin the project’s design phase or soon after you hire an architect. Bringing a builder on board early in the design phase can help you evaluate whether your home design and the budget will stay aligned throughout the process or not.

A good builder will also:

  • Collaborate with an architect closely
  • Offer unique design ideas and solutions to emerging problems
  • Keep plan development on schedule



Professional builders will always remain on the top as compared to other builders. Your home or any other type of building project should reflect your personality and taste, so a builder should customize their many processes to turn your vision into reality. The building is not a one-size-fits-all option, and it also should not be treated like one. If your builder is unwilling to cooperate or value your needs or desires, it can be a clear sign to get out and look for another one. Choosing the right builder may take a lot of time; it is always better to wait instead of choosing the wrong builder for your project. No one wants to invest all their savings on a project and get disappointed in the end. So, do your homework and research carefully before choosing a builder for your building project.