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The UpSPACE Crowd Funding Investment Community gives you easy access to invest in the Irish property market to earn competitive returns. Whether you just want to invest in something that offers returns better than your bank does, you are saving for retirement, your first home or your children’s education. UpSPACE has done and will continue to do all the hard work for you. With our community investment model, you are introduced to genuine projects that truly do transform lives. This means you can grow your wealth without compromising on your values.


property crowdfunding


Choose a property you like. Browse through the UpSPACE projects on offer – here you can also spread your funds and invest in more than one if you prefer.

property crowdfunding


Invest in property from the comfort of your home. You will receive an online secure account where you can deposit your funds. This account is called an eWallet. You are in complete control and you decide how much you wish to invest into one or multiple projects.

Crowdfunding platform 3


Receive a return once your chosen project/s have been completed. Your returns go straight into your eWallet where you can access and withdraw on completion or you can reinvest.

UpSpace projects

Campaigns by: Jason Teji

Kilcock Road, Maynooth – Student Accommodation

by Jason Teji

Maynooth University Campus on the Kilcock Road, Maynooth, Co.Kildare, Ireland

Borrower SPV

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Funding Goal
Days to go
Fund Raised

Ballalease, Donabate – Houses

by Jason Teji

5 Ballalease West, Donabate, Co Dublin, Ireland

StageCompleted for P

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Fund Raised


Join Our Investment Community


low risk

Low Risk

We only support projects UpSPACE have assesed and then manage. This results in us taking a conservative approach to our funding.  UpSPACE only works with owners and therefore we don’t ever fund the purchase of a site. Literally UpSPACE only invests in the bricks and mortar, while also having collatoral on the entire project.

secure investment


UpSPACE takes the hassle out of paperwork and creates legal contracts between funder and projects. For every project we fund, UpSPACE takes a first legal charge over the property. This provides significant downside protection for our investors, insuring collateral that more than covers and protects the investment.

high returns

high returns

The UpSPACE Crowd Funding Investment Community offers a fast and flexible way that investors can gain high interests returns as opposed to traditional bank saving. Our projects offer returns of between 8 – 12%, depending on the project specifics.

successful investment


UpSPACE matches the investor with approved projects. All projects offered for investment are prequalified and assessed before being offered on the UpSPACE Crowd Funding Investment Community. All projects are managed using UpSPACE premium approved professional collaborators and teams, insuring close scrutiny and success.




We understand that this is your money, not ours. The cash that you invest is held in your own segregated Investors funds account. These accounts do not form part of UpSPACE’s assets. Where you lodge funds to your UpSPACE account, we ensure the safety of your money by using a premium payments handler to securely hold your funds.



Due diligence checks and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) components guarantee fraud protection on top of reliable payment flow in the crowd fund investing process. UpSPACE take care to take diligent KYC (know your customer) information and and securely store this in compliance with GDPT.

diligent investing


UpSPACE uses the MangoPay solution which allows UpSPACE’s crowdfunding to quickly deal with multiple currencies and multiple payment methods accepting debit and credit cards, bank and Direct Debit transfers. This allows for clear regulation flows and functionality of funds insuring sophisticated payment gateways safe, secure and speedily connected.