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Initial analysis of the potential of your site to arrive at the best use proposal to maximise return.

Assistance with Legals, Tax and Structuring of your project to insure it realises its potential.

Funding of your project from end to end using our Crowd Fund Platform.

Supervision of design & Planning along with Project Tendering and Contract Administration, using our validated teams of Collaborators.

Delivery of your project through Site Supervision and Certification, using our validated teams of Collaborators.

Disposal of the final product using our validated Collaborators allowing the site owner to reap the profits.

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The Right Solution For You

UpSPACE offers site & property owners an alternative way of realising their properties’ potential

At UpSPACE we endeavour to make the process of developing your properties’ potential as stress free as possible. The fear of the unknown and the unmanageable is what makes life stressful

Owners often contemplate what they can do to improve their property or site, or how to increase its value, but are unsure as to the best way forward. There are many decisions to be made, all of which have knock on effects and ultimately cost implications. At UpSPACE we have the experience to make the decisions that protect and enhance the outcome. We take pride in offering a variety of options to ensure that you achieve the results you wished for. If you are unsure of how to realise that goal, we make it our mission to help you get there in as stress free a way as possible.

"Life can be easy, life can be hard, life is whatever way you make it"

At UpSPACE we understand that funding can be difficult for a myriad of reasons. We look to take that barrier out of the equation, with a view to allowing you and your project to flourish.

One of the greatest barriers we have as people in this life is fear and lack. This generally manifests for us as a fear of, or lack of money. This fear often holds us back or completely stalls us and stops us from realising our true potential. We bring our unique and varied experience and networks into play which allows us to offer creative solutions , thus allowing you to unleash the potential of your site/property. We are not interested in speculating or taking risks and every project we undertake to fund, is done so securely, ensuring for peace of mind for all including UpSPACE. We will meet with you and assess your plans and if your project has potential we will work with you to deliver it, including funding the project partially or fully as required. Don’t let fear or lack hold you back, get in touch with UpSPACE and if we can help, we will.

"When an investor is secure, it makes a happy investor, who makes a happy return"

Creating property and especially developing property has many risks. Knowing what decisions to make and when and why one is making a particular decision, greatly reduces that risk.

At UpSPACE we pride ourselves on helping our clients make the right decisions. We project manage from concept to completion as required. Working with vetted professionals at every step of the way, we greatly reduce and remove the risk from our clients. We take on the planning risk ensuring that you don’t have to. We use our experience, networks, and collaborations to creatively deliver and connect our projects in ways that make the process as low-risk as possible for all involved. ‘If we are not enjoying what we are doing, then we are not doing what we should be doing’ is a truism we live by at UpSPACE. When the risk is reduced, the project can flourish in a way that is less risky and consequently more enjoyable for all.

"We believe that together, we can actually make the world a better place"

We are all a little different as are all sites and properties, so it is natural that every solution needs to be customised to its circumstances. At UpSPACE we recognise that as being a central tenet of how we serve our community.

Whether your project is a single plot, suburban field or large industrial building we will create a solution along side you that works for you. Our solutions are customised and bespoke to both the site/property and to your specific circumstances or requirements. For some people funding may be the issue, while for others it may simply be the fear of the unknown. Whatever your personal circumstances, dreams or desires at UpSPACE we will connect you to a network that allows you to realise your properties and your potential.

"You and your project is different, and that's an experience that UpSPACE wants to help you to up lift."

How It Works

We assess the site's potential. If it meets our criteria we will offer to help

A Site Owner applies for a free no obligation assessment of their site online

Legal agreement is made between Owner and UpSPACE

Legal agreement is made between Owner and UpSPACE

On successful planning our legal partners secure investment by taking first legal charge over the project to secure finance

UpSpace raises finance for the delivery of the project through our network of investors on the UpSPACE Crowd Fund Platform.

We monitor the delivery of the project. Upon successful completion the project repays the capital investment to our Platform.

The Site Owner then realise their profit on the project

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