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Initial analysis of the potential of your site to arrive at the best use proposal to maximise return.

Assistance with Legals, Tax and Structuring of your project to insure it realises its potential.

Funding of your project from end to end using our Crowd Fund Platform.

Supervision of design & Planning along with Project Tendering and Contract Administration, using our validated teams of Collaborators.

Delivery of your project through Site Supervision and Certification, using our validated teams of Collaborators.

Disposal of the final product using our validated Collaborators allowing the site owner to reap the profits.

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UpSPACE offers site & property owners an alternative way of realising their properties’ potential

How It Works

We assess the site's potential. If it meets our criteria we will offer to help

A Site Owner applies for a free no obligation assessment of their site online

Legal agreement is made between Owner and UpSPACE

Legal agreement is made between Owner and UpSPACE

On successful planning our legal partners secure investment by taking first legal charge over the project to secure finance

UpSpace raises finance for the delivery of the project through our network of investors on the UpSPACE Crowd Fund Platform.

We monitor the delivery of the project. Upon successful completion the project repays the capital investment to our Platform.

The Site Owner then realise their profit on the project

How It Works

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