Problems With Architects: What to look out for!

Problems With Architects: What to look out for!

We all have dreams for our houses that cannot be truly realised without the help of an experienced architect with whom you can turn your dreams into a reality.  An architect’s skills or knowledge can make or break a project, so choosing the right person for your development is one of the most important decisions you need to make.

If you want to build a new home or if considering a renovation project, it should be an enjoyable experience. Having a positive relationship with the architect is necessary for a smooth and successful project.

Most Common problems that people can face with architects

Finding the right architect for your project can be a daunting task as it requires a lot of effort and time to research and compare your options. Some of the problems that people can face with architects are:

Language barriers between clients and architects:

Clients need to communicate effectively with the architects they have chosen for their project. The language barrier between architects and clients can cause massive problems and cab drastically reduce the speed of progression.

Overcoming a language barrier is not as easy as it seems. It is not a matter of translating sentences from one language to another. For a successful architectural design, an architect must understand the client’s ideas clearly.

However, even if you and your architect both speak the language, you can still encounter communication problems. Most of the time, clients are unsure what they want exactly or cannot articulate their ideas. An expert architect will quickly understand the problem and use 3D visualization through which clients can see the visuals of the designs before the construction process begins.

Dealing with deadlines and staying on budget:

Not every architect can work well under pressure. If your project has strict deadlines and a limited budget, choose an architect that can handle pressure and stress well. Good architects will find solutions that will help them stay on budget and meet deadlines.

It is better to hire an architect that has experience in handling challenging projects with a tight budget. He/she will know how to keep track of the team and keep an eye on the deadlines.

Coming up with innovative ideas:

For most architects, it isn’t easy to develop innovative ideas when they get the opportunity to do as they like. If you want your project to be versatile and innovative in design, go for an expert architect that can offer many creative ideas. Good architects go to social media for inspiration and design ideas. They join multiple online forums to ask for help from fellow designers to offer them useful information.

Choosing an architect familiar with the latest technological tools is necessary as they can play around with designs whenever required from their clients.

5 Tips on how to choose the best architect for your project

The process of finding the right architect for your project can be a challenging task. Some of the expert tips on how to choose an architect are:

Open communication:

It is essential to choose an architect who is willing to understand your needs and expectations and translate them into a good design. Make sure the architect you hire gives value to the client’s ideas.

Dealing with possible problems efficiently:

If any errors in the architectural design get overlooked, it can cause devastating effects on the project.  Poorly placed windows, doors, or electrical installations can make the design look unattractive and comical.

It is vital to choose an architect who can correct any mistakes and deal with problems efficiently before they even arise.


An architect will be the person responsible for turning up your vision of your dream home or any other building project into reality. Therefore, it is essential to check out the history of the architect and ask for photos of past work.

Make sure to ask around and get recommendations before you hire someone for your project.

Local planning knowledge:

It is necessary to hire an architect with good relationships with local planners and create designs that match specific building regulations and planning requirements. Good designs of the project can help you obtain planning permission within a short time.

Suppose your building project is a little controversial, or you have struggled a lot to acquire planning permission for it in the past. In that case, it is better to consult with an architect who has experience working on challenging projects and dealing with local planning authorities.

Fee structure and project involvement:

The final thing you need to consider before hiring is an architect’s fee structure and project involvement. Hiring an architect can cost you a lot of money, but it can also make your process of obtaining planning permission and construction much more effortless.

Some architects charge a percentage of the total project cost, and others charge a fixed or hourly fee. Whatever you require, fees settlement should be done in written form to avoid any inconvenience in the future.


Getting started on new construction or a renovation project should be an exciting experience. But before you get too excited to begin the build-up process, it is important to explore different design options. No one wants to regret it later because of a poorly designed home or any other building project. Consulting with a professional architect can help you build your dream home or somebody else’s without blowing up the budget. Cost, experience, workability, and design style are important factors that you need to consider before choosing an architect. Nothing can be more frustrating than working with an architect who cannot translate the client’s needs and desires into the design. Choose an architect who creates clear lines of communication and wants the best for your project.