One of the questions people often consider when looking at a small or unusual space is about its viability.  With vision and creativity and the right architect its surprising how little space is required to create a viable structure.

A powerful example of the creative use of a small site to realise a viable building project is the Tiny Tower project. In this example the site foot print was a mere 12’ by 29’ (3.3m x 10.0m).

By mimicking a sky scraper design, with a strong core of vertical circulation linking each floor. Tiny Tower allows for a flexible use of the floor programming, thus achieving a remarkable 1250 square foot over 5 floors.

As populations grow and households get smaller, the solutions to building supply will need to be creative and versatile. There are a number of ways we can approach this and at UpSPACE we see this as an opportunity. We believe that we can allow creative solutions become reality, by supporting ourselves in building that future.

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