We are coming up on almost a year working together on the UpSPACE project now and it really does feel like we are beginning to take off. With all start ups theres the fun phase where its all talk and possibility, the world literally being an oyster. Zim Zum zoom is the feeling we get as this thing really begins to take momentum.

We have just signed off on the first version of the software that will be used to connect our ‘prototype’ community. we have found our first employee in the traditional sense, but we are not that type of business. What we found was our first mate and one who will help drive the UpSPACE project to its next level. The business plan is almost complete as is our brand/vision and mission. Things are really beginning to move a pace, what we need to do next is slowly but surely coming in to focus.

All along on the UpSPACE what has been uppermost in our minds is that we all want to do things better. We have all had the experience of pain and abysmal  failure and what that truly feels like and we have all witnessed on the micro/macro levels what it looks like too. When compared with the times when we have truly given our all and succeeded at something, its rationally very easy for us to make a choice as to what to do.

At UpSPACE it is our mission to make the rational decisions truly easy and enjoyable experiences. Our vision is to transform how we create property so that the process is not simply just about profit, but about so much more thus allowing us all to flourish in new ways.

Business as Usual as a model for development guarantees us all a future of fear, pain and loss for ourselves, our children, our grand children and ultimately our planet.  Rationally we know that to keep doing what we have always been doing, is not really what we want or need right now.

We all know that we can do better and we also know  deep down that if try we know we will succeed. At UpSPACE we see this as a tremendous opportunity for us to build a new version of the world. We believe that when we come together and use technology in truly positive ways that that reality begins to unfold.

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